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 About XL

Increased stability...Increased support...Increased durability.

The XL or extended Life Mattress Collection has been specifically designed to meet the needs of plus-size sleepers. Many plus-size sleepers are dissatisfied with their mattress. They find that their mattress is uncomfortable, unsupportive and that it tends to wear out quicker.

   A good nights sleep is one that rejuvenates body, mind and soul for the day ahead. Sleeplogic gives you lots of ways to do that, each with features that make the best sense for you and where you are in your life. Choose from our value-priced Refresh sleep set, the premium ChiroSense or ultra-premium LifeScape models, each designed to provide an extraordinary night’s sleep.
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  •   You've found that perfect, "just right" sleeping position. Wouldn't it be great if you could find it effortlessly, night after night? You can, with SleepLogic Adjustable Beds. Featuring the same quality materials and premium construction as the entire SleepLogic line, adjustable beds give you hundreds of positions to choose from. Whether it's breakfast in bed, curling up with a bestseller, working on your laptop or (of course) sleeping, this too, is a bed for life.
  • -Wireless remote control with sleep timer and relaxing NeuroSage® massage.
  • -Programmable memory so you can always find your "just right" position.
  • -New Eurostyle models have the look of a conventional boxspring.
  • -Choose from innerspring latex or memory foam mattresses.

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Mattress Dimensions

 39"x 75"

Children most often use this size.

39"x 80"

For those who are not gravity Challenged.

 54"x 75"    

Single Adults are most comfortable

 54"x 80"     

For those who want that Extra leg room

 60"x 80"

Couples Should Consider This size or Larger!

 78"x 80"

A good night, you can be rest assured here.

 72"x 84"

Special size for some bedrooms